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I grew up in a family of classical musicians. This not only surrounded me with beautiful music, it gave me a first-hand understanding of the hard work and dedication it takes to achieve it. This background nourished and informed my growth as an artist and designer, and it also influenced my stylistic choices; I strive for a look of classic elegance.

Most of the artwork you see on this site started off as pencil drawings and watercolors. For design work I incorporate the computer, which has greatly expanded my creative abilities,

Recently I have gone back to the drawing board to focus on botanical artwork. I have joined the American Society of Botanical Artists to learn more about the natural world around me. Trying to work within the rigorous guidelines of this this art form has been an exciting new challenge.

The creative path is rarely a straight one - it has its bumps and happy surprises. Wherever my wanderings, I have always sought to appreciate and contribute to the beauty around me. I also try to inspire and encourage others on their own creative journeys.

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